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Navigating the extensive roads of Hatfield, MA, we've become synonymous with stellar diagnostic and electrical repair services, catering specifically to Fleet, Heavy-Duty, Light-Duty, and Medium-Duty vehicles.

Engine Diagnostics

Diagnostics helps you detect errors before they escalate into bigger issues. Engine diagnostics in particular, will not only save money in the long run but potentially save lives on the road. A malfunctioning engine, especially on high-speed roads, risks the safety of yourself and others. With diagnostics, it ensures that your engine is calibrated for effective and efficient usage. You will have proper fuel injector timing, notify you of glowplug damage, or if your catalytic converter has malfunctioned. 

Electrical System Failures

Unexplained Battery Drain: It can be a real head-scratcher when the battery seems to have a vanishing act. An unexplained battery drain could be a harbinger of underlying electrical wiring issues or alternator malfunctions, leading to unexpected downtime. Avoid this issue by having regular maintenance and prevention with Harrison Diesel today.

The Alternator and Battery: The alternator and the battery work together. The alternator turns mechanical energy into electrical energy and recharges the battery. Thus, unexplained battery drain could be a problem with either component. Replacement becomes inevitable when the parts fail to work.

Electrical Wiring Issues: A mere misstep can lead to a cascade of electrical disturbances with the wires and connections. Regular inspections and meticulous maintenance can ensure the longevity of wiring, preventing unexpected bouts of electrical issues.

Dashboard Conundrums: Dashboard warning lights help identify vehicle issues before they cascade into larger problems. When they fail to do so, you risk costly damage, repairs, and even complete component replacement. Addressing dashboard issues helps identify other issues. Electrical or fuse damage is a common symptom of dashboard problems.

Mobile Services: Our mobile diagnostics and repair services are a testament to our commitment to bringing reliability and efficiency right where it’s needed. We offer our services within a 50-mile radius of our location in Hatfield to areas like Amherst, Greenfield, and Springfield.

Dielectric Testing (ANSI) For Utility Boom Trucks 

Dielectric testing, in accordance with ANSI standards, serves as a vital safety protocol within the electrical utility industry, aimed at confirming the integrity of electrical insulation to avert potential electrical hazards. ANSI delineates the testing schedule, voltage parameters, and equipment requisites. 

Typically conducted on an annual or biennial basis, specialized instruments gauge insulation resistance and dielectric strength, adhering to precise pass/fail criteria. Rigorous documentation of test outcomes and subsequent maintenance steps is imperative, often coupled with comprehensive operator training. Conforming to ANSI standards not only safeguards utility workers operating in proximity to high-voltage lines but also upholds the dependability and security of utility boom trucks. 

Moreover, it is imperative for utility boom truck proprietors to entrust dielectric testing to certified truck repair mechanics like Harrison Diesel Solutions. Harrison is certified to check your utility boom trucks using dielectric testing. We ensure that tests are executed by adept and certified mechanics who possess in-depth knowledge of ANSI standards, thereby accurately evaluating and certifying the equipment's safety.

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