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Encountering problems with your heavy-duty truck’s axle? You're in the right place! Boasting over a century of cumulative experience, our mechanics excel in resolving many axle-related complications, ensuring your swift and safe return to the road.

Recognizing Axle Deterioration

Discerning the early symptoms of axle failure is pivotal to preventing escalated damage and fortifying your truck's security. Be vigilant for these symptoms:

Peculiar Vibrations: Unwarranted quivers or shaking while driving might signify axle complications.

Uncommon Noises: Odd sounds, notably during turns or accelerations, might signal axle disturbances.

Fluid Leaks: Observing any fluid oozing near the axle? Swift action is pivotal to avoid damage or additional wear on your axles and wheels.

Irregular Tire Degradation: This could be a derivative of axle misalignment or related concerns.

Steering Challenges: Stiff or difficult steering might indicate axle damage or insufficient power steering fluid.

Axle Overheating: Recurrent overheating could culminate in axle failure; hence, uncovering the root cause is crucial.

Wheel Misalignment: It’s paramount to promptly inspect and mend misaligned wheels, which could suggest axle impairment.

Axle Play: Unwarranted play in the axle might denote deteriorated bearings or other elements, risking additional damage if neglected.

Noticing any of these symptoms in your heavy-duty truck needs expert mechanics from Harrison Diesel to inspect, diagnose, and repair these issues. Persisting in driving with a deteriorating axle can inflict more severe damage and jeopardize your and others' safety.

How long does it take a mechanic to replace an axle?

Replacing a CV axle is a routine maintenance task that takes one to three hours, depending on the vehicle and additional repairs. Typically, a CV axle handles between 70,000 to 130,000 miles, but regular examinations for any damage are essential to ensure its longevity.

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